In short, a privacy policy page is a page on a website where you as a website owner inform users regarding the management of users' personal data while accessing the website.

Usually, this feature is available in almost all website footers. This feature is important for blogs or websites that require users to enter personal data while using the website.

Not without reason, if you know how to create a privacy policy, it's the same as understanding how to increase customer trust in the website.

In this article, we will show that the steps for creating a privacy policy are very easy. We will recommend several privacy policy generators that you can observe, imitate, and modify on your website.

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Understanding Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a document on a website that describes how a website or organization will collect, store, protect, and utilize the personal information that users provide.

The purpose of personal information will vary depending on website policies, but in general, personal information consists of:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address (postal code and email)
  • Payment details (credit card number)
  • Device location (IP address, geo localization)
  • Browsing habits

In addition to outlining how the company's website will use the information, a privacy policy is a policy on how the company will fulfill its legal obligations.

It also facilitates users who share their data to seek assistance from the authorities if the company fails to fulfill these responsibilities.

Reasons for the Importance of Privacy Policy

No matter if you manage a mobile application or website, all privacy policies must be accurate and factual to guide users in understanding the security of their data on a platform.

Here are 4 important reasons why a privacy policy is a must for any website or mobile app.

Terms of Obeying the Law

Many countries require online media to include a privacy policy to help people understand their information rights.

An example of this is the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) which requires every website that collects information from California-based users to display a privacy policy on the website.

There is also the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which regulates the data security of European Union residents when they process, store and process personal data on all websites.

Increase Website Transparency and User Trust

Users really care about their privacy and want to be responsible for any information they enter to access their favorite websites.

By paying attention to how to create a privacy policy and display it on the website, you can show that your website cares about their privacy and does not commit crimes on behalf of users.

Another reason for the existence of a privacy policy is as evidence that there are procedures to properly handle user information so that it can help them trust your business.

Required by Third Party Service

Many third-party services require a privacy policy so that many websites can work together and use their services, for example, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Apple.

Their privacy policy ensures that they also comply with any international laws when users are using their services.

So, if you plan to use a third-party service in your website operations, check their privacy policy and terms of disclosure.

Show Brand Personality

Who would have thought that only by understanding and applying how to make the right privacy policy, you could show your website's brand personality so that it won the hearts of users?

This is due to the interesting form of website information so that it finally has its own impression in the eyes of users.

Points that must be in the Privacy Policy

A strong privacy policy must be informative and correct, without the use of hidden terms or confusing language.

The points that you must include and pay attention to from how to create a privacy policy will depend on the nature of the business itself.

Then also from the operational location of the website and the location of the user. However, there are some standard points that you can find in most privacy policies.

The points of information that are commonly available in the privacy policy are:

Personal information

Logically, a privacy policy is a set of rules that will tell website users what type of personal data you want your website to collect, either directly or indirectly/automatically.

Include details ranging from name, location, phone number, to email address.

If you collect users' personal data so that they can use your website, also explain it in full so they can make an informed decision regarding what information they want to share.

Collection Process

By creating a privacy policy page, you are committed to being transparent and explaining how the website collects users' personal data.

If you collect usage data, track geographic location, or use any third-party services for advertising and retargeting purposes, you must also mention that.

Because users may not realize that your website collects data while they are accessing the website.

The intended use

At this point, the user knows that the website will collect his personal information, but what are you going to do with the information?

This privacy policy point is important if you are using user data to offer a better user experience.

For example, if you run an e-commerce website, you can explain that users' personal information will be used to process payments and ship products to customers.

In this case, there is a high probability that their personal information is also used by third parties such as online payment service providers or delivery partners.

That way, the privacy policy is a "sheet of consent" between you and the user.


You must also inform users how the website will protect their personal information from unauthorized access or other irresponsible actions.

Therefore, it is better to make a privacy policy by explaining how and where the information is stored.

For example, you explain how the data archiving effort is, whether it has been equipped with the latest encryption, whether there are strict authentication efforts with certain passwords, to which high-level security data center your website uses.

Storage and Sharing

Users need to know where your website will store their data, how long it will be stored, and whether the data will be transferred internationally (this can happen if the website's servers are located overseas).

That way, you have to be transparent about who and what your goals are so you need to share that data.

If you use certain analytics or advertising services, you must mention who they are while linking to the privacy policy of each third-party company.


If your website uses cookies, then you must explain it in your privacy policy and link to the website page where your cookie policy is hosted.

Also, explain that cookies will make it easier for users not to need any settings every time they use the website because their visit history will be recorded.

The simplest example is the login process, the user does not have to rewrite the email because it has been "remembered" by cookies.

Data Subject Rights

The point of this point when creating a privacy policy is that you have to explain that sharing personal information is not mandatory for users to do.

They may limit what they share or withdraw their consent at any time.

You also need to share information about whether sharing personal information will affect their user experience with the product or website.

Contact Information

Another mandatory thing that must be in the privacy policy is to provide a contact when visitors have questions or problems related to your privacy policy.

You can include your email address and phone number.

How to Create a Privacy Policy

For those of you who have just started building a website, now you don't need to bother making a manual privacy policy anymore.

Fortunately, many online privacy policy generators will help you create a privacy policy automatically.

Here are 5 generators that will make you realize that making a privacy policy is very easy and practical.

1. Free Privacy Policy

Free Privacy Policy is an online generator that will help you create a privacy policy without the hassle of hiring a lawyer to write the legality of the website.

This online tool helps you comply with various types of regulations from GDPR, CalOPPA, Google Analytics, and many more.

You can even create terms and conditions, cookie tracking policies, refund and refund policies, disclaimers, and so on.

2. Shopify Policy Generator

You can also make an easy privacy policy by using this Shopify service.

Shopify Policy Generator can help you meet global privacy requirements while increasing user trust.

You can also make a refund policy or terms of service policy on this Shopify flagship service.

Fill in some data on the Shopify website and they will create a privacy policy template that you can customize according to your website's needs.

3. Privacy Policy

Similar to the previous two generators, you can use it to find an easy and safe way to create a privacy policy.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the official Privacy Policies website at
  2. Press the CTA button on the landing page that says “Start creating your Privacy Policy”.
  3. Select the platform where the privacy policy will be used. Then click "Next Step".
  4. Fill in the form according to the command, click again "Next Step".
  5. Answer their questions regarding the type of information your website will collect from users.
  6. Enter your email address so that you can receive the privacy policy document and click 'Generate'.

After that, you can enter the privacy policy document into the dashboard of your blogging platform, then create a new page. If the privacy policy format is in the form of code, choose the code editor version.

4. Privacy Policy Online

Privacy Policy Online is another privacy policy generator that also complies with international laws such as CCPA, CalOPPA, and GDPR.

The platform also creates policies that meet the requirements of leading advertising networks and third-party applications.

All you have to do is fill out the initial web form on the official website, then their system will generate a new policy according to your website.

With Privacy Policy Online, you can also format the terms and conditions.

5. Termly

The last platform that is no less great in helping you find the easiest way to create a privacy policy is Termly.

They are integrated and effective for a privacy policy that complies with GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA, Google Analytics, AdSense, e-commerce laws, and more.

Termly also offers automatic attorney updates which means every time a new law is passed, your current privacy policy will be changed and updated automatically.

Best of all, you can create multiple policies for different platforms, helping to make sure you're protected no matter where your service is.


So, those are some ways to create an anti-complicated privacy policy page. In addition to the five methods above, we hope that you will be able to realize that privacy policy is not just a formality feature on a website.

The reason is, the users can find out what the website does to their data.

As a website owner, you need to remember, with the availability of how to create a privacy policy page above, it doesn't mean you can copy-paste the privacy policies of other websites.

Think of the privacy policy page as a written agreement that the website specifically offers and then the user agrees to voluntarily.

Because, basically, in using the website, you and other users must comply with and obey all existing laws and policies.

Harby Jay | Author

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