8 Creative and Interesting Copywriting Examples + Tips for Making Them

One of the most sought-after professions in the digital industry, as of today, is copywriting.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a copywriter but feel you don't have much knowledge, you can learn to write copywriting by analyzing various examples of copywriting, you know.

Although of course, you have to learn a lot of theories about copywriting first.

Examples of product copywriting that many companies make are the umpteenth factor in the success of product promotion and sales to many consumers.

With its no-nonsense role, copywriting is not a job that you can take lightly.

It takes a lot of planning, ideas, and execution of the use of words as effectively as possible so that potential customers are triggered to buy the product.

Based on the facts above, we will provide some tips for making copywriting that looks creative, original, and "inviting" that we got after analyzing some promotional content from the Apple brand.

In addition, we also provide examples of product copywriting from several websites that might inspire you.

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8 Tips for Copywriting from Apple

1. Show one big concept

The title is the first thing web visitors will see on a website's landing page before they even see the product image.

When you write the title for your product copy, explain what the main message you want to convey from your product/service is.

Or tell how your customers will benefit from the product/service.

2. Use short sentences

Another important thing that you should pay attention to is that product copywriting examples must be easy to read and easy to understand.

Because basically, consumers don't want to spend a lot of effort reading long-winded copywriting.

Therefore, make sentences as short as possible but can represent the main purpose of the product. If the copywrite sentence is more than equal to 12 words (recommended), divide it into two sentences.

Even the copywriting for the latest iPhone 13 Pro product is written with 1 word for 1 sentence like this "Cellphone. Very. Pro".

3. Make sentences with the concept of "sound bites"

It's like, sound bites are like proverbs. Since ancient times, proverbs have been able to communicate a big concept with just short and simple sentences.

For example, the following Apple Watch product copywrite title: “Fullscreen. Completely leading the way."

You can also take advantage of the repetition of the rhythm of the word like a rhyme. This will make consumers more engaged with the product.

You can see an example of iPad mini product copywriting “Quality power. Mini size".

The two short sentences even describe the advantages and product specifications briefly and clearly.

4. Add product technical details

The copywrite title can also consist of product specifications or technical capabilities.

Presenting technical details such as product features shows that you know what you are selling in the hope of increasing consumer confidence.

For example in this AirPods copywrite: “Whole new with Spatial Audio”.

Most consumers certainly do not know the meaning of spatial audio before getting further explanations on the product webpage.

5. Use the storytelling technique

The storytelling technique referred to here is quite a lot.

For example, a brief description of the product, the story behind the manufacture of the product, and also the purpose of the product.

This is due to the nature of the story itself, there are interesting and sometimes hidden facts that are worth knowing.

6. Promote the product because of the problem

It is a fact that all man-made goods are created to solve human problems.

Consumers will focus more attention on copywriting content if you list some product features as a solution to an existing problem.

Apple uses this technique in the following copywrite examples of AirPods 3rd gen products:

"The wind doesn't bother me anymore. The built-in microphone in each earbud is lined with a special acoustic mesh to minimize wind noise when you're on a call — so your voice is always loud and clear.”

You can see that Apple has raised a problem that earphone users often experience.

Then Apple provided a solution for its AirPods product with an acoustic net feature.

Therefore, make sure you know the list of all product features so you can explain what problems can be solved with these features.

7. Use analogies to explain product quality

Abstract concepts – such as product quality – are difficult to explain.

Analogies can be helpful because they relate the characteristics of something new to similar characteristics of something known.

As in the following MacBook Air product copywriting example:

“A microphone that listens to you more. Not around you."

The sentence above analogizes the quality of the microphone on the MacBook Air which is more sensitive to your voice, not other sounds around you.

8. CTA Feature Design That “Motivates” Consumers

The Call to Action feature on a website landing page also helps to copywrite effectively.

Because, with CTA, you can give consumers the choice to explore products more deeply.

Usually, CTA is used for “Read More”, “Learn More”, or other information about the product.

8 Examples of Product Copywriting

1. BarkBox

Websites that sell various types of dog toys have titles or headlines that are to-the-point and easy for consumers to understand.

They use words that are familiar to their target consumers (dog owners) in the hope that BarkBox will become the party that understands consumer needs.

That way, these consumers are willing to invest their trust in brands that clearly explain the products being sold.

2. Avocado

The example of product copywriting that Avocode applies very clearly explains the benefits of using their service, namely time efficiency.

Avocode also includes a subheadline that contains the stages of Avocode's work to make it easier for clients to work.

They use CTA at every stage of their service to facilitate consumers in getting further information.

3. Conference Badges

What we love about this nametag product copywriting example is the no-nonsense headline.

Because, as a name badge maker software service, Conference Badges immediately claims to be the fastest and easiest in its class.

They write titles that highlight the nature of their software products with examples of superior product images.

That way, potential consumers can know the final product before using the service.

4. Oscar Health Insurance

This health insurance company's website uses product copywriting examples that have a commanding connotation, but for a good cause.

Oscar also explained the benefits of service in the subheadline section, which sounded friendly and close to the customer as much as possible.

They want to present health insurance services that are no longer boring and confusing so that they get a lot of positive customer attention just through the power of words.

5. Mixbook

The copywriting technique that many copywriters use is the use of quotes in the headline.

Like the headlines and subheadlines of the Mixbook website, which uses quotes to highlight the advantages and benefits of the service.

They match these short but inviting promotional words with attractive images of their services.

Examples of product copywriting are also often used by content writers for blog post titles or articles.

6. Poo-Pourri

Poo-Pourri, a product website for air fresheners, uses problems to promote its products.

This technique is quite attractive to consumers because it promises positive end results that benefit consumers by using the word "stink-free".

They also use product copywriting examples by analogizing product quality in the subheadlines.

7. Tuft & Needle

On the homepage, Tuft & Needle almost always employs copywriting that claims product excellence for the benefit of consumers.

They also explain the basic concepts of each product so that consumers understand what they get after using Tuft & Needle products.

Tuft & Needle's product copywriting sample content is quite exclusive with storytelling techniques on their history so that consumers can understand their business goals.

8. Pinterest

You can see an example of copywriting for the last product on this list from the About menu on the Pinterest website.

As a photo, animated image, and video platform, Pinterest seems to be trying one step closer to its users by using the familiar greeting "you".

The approach that Pinterest applies is good enough to be a problem solver as well as a friend that consumers can rely on.

In addition, this technique also shows the existence of asynchronous two-way communication


Anyone can become a successful copywriter as long as they are touched up with a little guidance in creating product copywriting examples.

And of course, creativity and unyielding are the keys to the success of a copywriter who wants to survive and present the best promotions.

Oh yes, apart from a few examples of product copywriting on the website above, there are many kinds of copywriting scenarios.

Starting from the traditional way of advertising on posters or billboards or banners, taglines, and also captions for business Instagram content.

Harby Jay | Author

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